- The Maison Lasserre -

Discover the modernity of this Michelin starred institution.
For almost 80 years, on the Champs-Elysées, we have been welcoming with spirit all French gastronomy enthusiasts.
Renowned for its immense mechanical roof which widely opens on the Parisian sky,

our restaurant is truly unique in the world. Thanks to our well trained young chef, Nicolas Le Tirrand, and his creative, sharp, light and indeed delectable cuisine, your dinner will for sure be perfect.

Come and share those magical moments with us !

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The chef, Nicolas Le Tirrand, proposes a creative, refined and light cuisine.
Loyal to René Lasserre’s philosophy, he endorses French high gastronomy freeing himself from any sort of classicism.
Lighter bases, updated sauces, extended set of textures, profusion of intricate technics, new structuring, he signs some gourmand, tasteful, straightforward, colourful creations.

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Since 1952 and the construction of a 35 sq.m. sunroof by René Lasserre, lunches are illuminated by the deep blue sky and dinners by a collection of stars.

Refined and contemporary, inspired by a winter garden, our dining room is sunbathed with day light and offers the most beautiful view over the Grand Palais, its frescos and equestrian statues.

- Reservations -

Opening hours

Dinner from Tuesday to Saturday
starting 7pm

Lunch on Thursdays and Fridays
starting noon


Restaurant Lasserre
17 Avenue Franklin Roosevelt
75008 Paris, France

Gentlemen are requested to wear a jacket